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My name is John. I am definitely eclectic in every aspect of my life. I definitely beat to my own drum in everything that I do. I am a software developer at heart so I am ultimately an introvert, I love people (this is where I beat to my own drum), an entrepreneur (since 1st grade!), and I have a passion project that fell into my lap and fills my soul with happiness. I also live a very minimalist lifestyle.


I have had a passion my entire life to "stick it to the man" where I provide value, work hard, and refuse to overcharge people for the work that I do. I ultimately always undervalue myself (I'm working on that!). I am a very old school person where I believe a handshake is more important than a legal speak (e.g., legal contracts). Yes, I deal with contracts but only when I have to.

I believe that technology can help our lives for the better. I embrace change as I know there is no reason to fight it as it's going to happen whether I fight it or not.

I have been homeless twice in my life. Both are great stories that we can talk about in-person. My friends and family have saved me each time and I am thankful to God for that.

I embrace the ethos of minimalism, I recognize the intrinsic value of simplicity and having a purposeful living lifestyle. By eliminating noise, drama, and the unnecessary of what marketing talks people into I feel I am able to live a more fulfilling lifestyle.

I believe in marketing... yes, that is odd based on the last sentence but it is true. I believe marketing can be honest and true and still produce results to help businesses grow.

As an entrepreneur I have been fortunate to live my passions. My first real entrepreneurship was in first grade (yes, then!) where I bought pencils at the local dimestore for a penny and sold them for a nickle. I did get in trouble from "big business" (e.g., the school system) as they were selling the exact same pencil for a dime. That was my first test in life to what I call corporate greed and started the fire in my soul.

I have several busineses and love each one as my own child. Speaking of children I have a wonderful son, John, and a daughter, Amber.

I am a former United States Army soldier (1990-1995) and feel this as a foundational piece of my life beyond what my parents taught em. My military training has helped me stick to the highest morals life has to offer and I continue to learn to stand strong on these beliefs.

In 2021, I got a life awakening (read below) where I want to help those that are homeless and less fortunate.

Having Fun @ My Own Expense

If you can't enjoy life and laugh at yourself then what is the point of living your best life?


My Passion Project - Helping Others

In 2021, I was asked about an internet URL, valposhelter.org, that wasn't pulling up. After some research and getting the same result, some quick investigative work (5 minutes) determined that the website had expired and was available to be purchased.

After talking more with my neighbor (Mr. Ed -- yes, this is his name and he's as awesome), I found out the mission of the site was created by the City of Valparaiso (thus the name) to solve homelessness for men in Valparaiso within 5 years. After a couple of years, a poltiical mayoral change, the site was abandoned as it was believed "solved." It wasn't and I don't think it ever can be. More on that later. Mr. Ed worked at one of the churches that opened up to the homeless men.

Like many, I thought homelessness was "someone else's problem." It's not. It's all of our problem and most of them didn't ask to be homeless. Yes, some are happy being homeless. Most would choose not to be. They got stuck in rough times and don't need our pity. They need our love and support (and that's not necessarily monetarily).

After doing some digging I found out that there was truly a need. I recreated the website with the exact same information it originally had. Once the information was all put online I contacted each source listed, verified the information, and updated where it needed to be updated. As I sat with a couple of the local churches during the first few weeks I learned of a deeper need beyond homeless men. As such, I expanded to cover Familes, Women, Men, Food Pantries, Housing Assistance, Healthcare, Churches, and Warming/Cooloing Centers within Porter County where Valparaiso, Indiana, was located.

I then started talking with the local housing opportunities of Valparaiso, I found out that they, too, with all their funding, needed help in getting the word out. Not as part of their project I filled in additional gaps that they wish they could do but were unable to. With this new passion I was determined to help. I committed 10% of my company revenue from Fawkes Digital Marketing to this project. Iniitally I did ask for those that wanted to help to donate to help the project. After months we raise around $100. That taught me that people were willing to support and share for the cause but not to help monetarily. The donations were removed, I added affiliate links, and changed the mindset to just ask those to share the site and information. I would let my companies pay for the operation and growth of the site.

After the first month and word getting out we had all of Porter County, Indiana covered better than any of the local organizations. I starting receiving calls from a neighboring county asking for help. Lake County was the first and was the catalyst to doing the growth I had not anticipated. I started learning the need was even greater than my awakened mind had learned. I researched, created the information, and then a call from La Porte County, Indiana, came through. This passion project was becoming more effort so I understand where people were frustrated with just a one or two counties. This continued when I actually said, "Fuck it" and did all 92 counties in Indiana so that the requests would stop. This was as foolish as the City of Valparaiso thought that enough was done that the problem would just "magically fix itself (insert John's sarcasm and headshaking). I feel the concept Valparaiso came up with was brilliant, yet narrow-focused.

In 2022, "life happened" to me. My friends called an intervention as they saw my health deteriorating, severe depression, and just a loss in the purpose of my life. I had lost the drive and motivation to improve myself every day. Those that truly knew me could see it and actually helped. The intervention was only supposed to last a couple weeks. It lasted longer than it was supposed to. Nothing good comes easy is all I told myself. You must work at it. I even lost a bet with my friends on what would happen during the intervention. Today I am even more thankful as I have learned who my true friends and family are.

I moved South to my best friend, Tisha, and her husband. Aaron. I was now technically homeless even though I did live with them. This would be my second homeless. `They have been my saviors during all of this. After being in the South for just a week, I saw the need to help more than I did when he was up North when I was put into the canceled project. The weather, new friends who gave me hugs (more on this in a bit), and strong encouragement reignited my fire and was one of the biggest catalysts I needed.

I need to cover "hugs." This is what I call my "Gift from God." You receive a huge dopamine rush with them and it taught me people truly do care. After years of being denied hugs and real human contact, I learned what I had to have and needed in my life.

This new ignition did more than just make this project but my company, Fawkes Digital Marketing. Starting in January 2023, everything that had been kindling in my mind was now coming back to a full passion. Valpo Shelter was going to get a complete revamp and I was going to take it nationwide.

If you've read this far I want to "thank you" and wish the blessing of God onto you (whether you believe or not he's got you!). This is ultimately who I am. I will no longer allow anything to stop me from helping those in need. Is it a big undertaking? Yes. Will I solve it by myself? Nope. It will take all of us working together.

If you're interested in exploring potential job opportunities or simply forming a new friendship, don't hesitate to reach out to John. Feel free to send him a message or give him a call, as he genuinely enjoys engaging in conversations, actively listening, and fostering meaningful connections. Get in touch today and experience the joy of building new relationships!

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